Are we ever really cancer free?

General discussion including use and side effects of various medication/therapies, and "what do I do now?"
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Are we ever really cancer free?

Post by Jovers » Thu Aug 02, 2012 3:31 pm

Hi all 
Had my first MRI since Feb , and it showed regrowth with a tumor, still also showed fluid from the stroke after the first op...they just called up with the results, very rushed, left me with more questions then answers....just said the surgeon ( which I see on Wednesday) would not operate, and we should just stay on the chemo....any comments? Have I ever been cancer free? Or is it all for no reason?  

John Overholt

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Post by kenobewan » Fri Aug 03, 2012 7:47 am

Never give up hope - always feel confident about seeking second opinions!

Unfortunately, we still need be our own advocates. My suggestion is, if you haven't already, join a support group - a trouble shared... and by sharing your story you may help others.

In my specialists opinion I am not supposed to be here. They would say its 80% luck, I say its 20% luck. What's the difference? 60% and some changes I have made in my life.

Merely by posting on a forum you have increased your chances. What other changes are you going to make?

Wrestle control back over your life! Its not an easy road and there are no guarantees, but its better than handing over all control. Medical treatment is necessary, but it is remarkable how taking back some control and exercising some lifestyles choices makes.

All the best, keep us posted :).

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