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Author:  nobeid [ Tue Apr 10, 2007 7:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Will&Faith

After reading clair’s story and everyone else experience I had the courage to write about my personal experience.

My name is Nour; I am 24 years old live in UAE and graduated from the school of computer science and computer engineering. I am currently working as an IT support engineer with a well reputable company. In 1999 I have diagnosed with a grade 2 Astrocytoma and had the operation at George Washington University Hospital with the great Dr. Laligam Sekhar, ... ekhar.html. I have always been during my life time an A1 student at school with involving in all types of activities Music, sport, and cultural till summer of 1999 when I started feeling headaches and loss of concentration. Visited many doctors with different diagnostics until they realized I should be visiting a neurologist that diagnosed from MRI that there is a cyst in the brain and recommended the operation to be in either United States or Germany. I stayed in USA for 2 months spent between surgery, radiation oncology and reinhabitation. However I would like to say how a great experience I’ve been through and so proud of. I’ve never felt bad or sorry this has happened or God has chose me for this, in the other hand it was a life time experience that made me have a stronger faith in God. I was as usual very ambitious and strong. This is for sure with the help of the people around me. Now we are in 2007, 8 years passed while I’m performing very well even perfectly with my studies, sports (kick boxing, swimming, skating, ……………….everything), playing my Guitar, and planning for my higher studies. Unfortunately not all people understand the situation and they get scared because they simply don’t know. If a person has a strong will and a strong faith in God he/she can overcome all the difficulties and remember core of the disease is the psychology.

Unfortunately recently I’ve been in love with a well educated guy who loved me so much as well and one of my stories to him was this very meaningful story to me. He accepted it and he cared and worried about me because I know that he loves me. All of a sudden thoughts came to him and worries that tumor may reoccur and he decided to leave. It really hurts being in such a situation where you can’t find what is the reason behind his leaving. 8 years with positive results and just being so normal and even perfect in all aspects and he leaves scared from the unknown. I wonder who grants his/her life, who grants what tomorrow is hiding for us.

Author:  susannah [ Wed Apr 18, 2007 9:08 am ]
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Very disappointing for you to lose a soul mate at such a time. Some people just can't cope with the possibility of facing difficulties in the future. I think your friend was just protecting himself, although, for me, my faith is my only real protection. I too have a tumour, most of it taken away but some left behind. You are right when you say the psychology is a big thing. Feeling in control of your life is a feeling that is taken for granted.
It is true no-one on this earth has been promised 40, 60 or 70 years of life. We just think that 60 or more years is fair, or reasonable. Who ever decided that?
I have learned so much. I am a better and more understanding person now (well I think so anyway) To cheer me up people say I have not changed since my Brain Surgery - well I certainly have. Every day is better now, I never knew what was round the corner for me and I still don't. No-one does. As you know, you can have a good life even with a tumour. My outlook is different now. Time is more precious. I am still scared but I'm not sad.

I am so sorry that you lost your love, and that he lost you. Perhaps the tumour was a part of the reason but not all of it. Forgive his panic. You have achieved a lot with your sport and studies. Whatever you enjoy, do more of it. Use your strength and drive to encourage others. I pray that your tumour has gone to sleep for many years and that you will keep a strong Will and Faith.
Good Wishes

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