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meningioma question
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Author:  psychjen [ Wed Oct 31, 2007 7:57 am ]
Post subject:  meningioma question

Hi all,

I have looked throughout this discussion board and I cannot find this answer. I am new to your community and I hope my question is not a repeat.

I have a meningioma, found March 2006. It was very large, sitting behind my midbrain. Surgery resulted in 70% reduction and then I had 6 weeks radiation (Novalis). One year of MRI every 3 months showed continued decrease in size, although slow.

I now have a small area of the tumor which is lighting up and showing increase in contrast. My oncologist says that meningiomas are "phasic" and that they shrink, grow again, shrink, back and forth for years. The tumor was found to be benign, but the location is a major risk if it grows again. I'm wondering if anyone knows of reading that explains the years of management of this type of tumor? I don't like being so out of the loop of knowledge. The recent increase of contrast scares me and I want to understand it.

I would appreciate ANY information.

Jennie Euler

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