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Post by klast » Sat Feb 01, 2014 11:14 am

My question is does anyone know any groups, websites etc that cater for technical hobbyists?, ive heard rumors of internet2, that non profit organisations are setting up.

I was there before the internet started (logging on to text mode, bulletin board systems with my 14.4k modem). My 1st internet access account was limited to 90mins a day.
Over the decades I have watched the early hobbyist aspect of the Internet slowly succumb to the corporate 'dumbing down', trying to maximise profits by appealing to the 'lowest common denominator', to the point I cant even download a file without jumping through a million hoops. That's not counting the huge increase in disinformation as well, that you have wade through just to get a small piece of useful information. I feel like everyone's trying to get a piece of me to validate their vested interests.
During a low point in my chemo cycle, I just wanted to give up on the public world coz everything and everyone is now touched by commercial vested interests, including the once 'free' internet.


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