Pituitary brain tumor removal - success story

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Pituitary brain tumor removal - success story

Post by Jon7 » Thu Jan 29, 2015 10:04 am

I feel Dr. Sandeep Kunwar not only removed my tumor, but potentially saved my vision and my life. The tumor had slightly invaded the left cavernous sinus and Dr. Sandeep Kunwar (www.ucsfhealth.org/sandeep.kunwar) told me the visibility in this area is difficult. He was able to remove as much tumor that was possible of removing in this particular area; however an extremely small piece of the tumor could potentially be left behind the nerve. Attempting to reach further back in the cavernous sinus could of caused a stroke immediately or within 24 hours of the operation. The doctor made the decision to not proceed any further so that there wouldn't be a possibility for death. The carotid artery began to bleed during the operation, which is a red flag to stop.

I will find out definitively in 6 weeks if the tumor has been completely removed when I have my follow up MRI at Vanderbilt and then I will mail the results on a CD to San Francisco. If indeed there is a very small piece left, I will need to have yearly MRIs to follow the tumor and if there is no growth in 10 years I won't need to have MRIs any longer. The chance of this small piece continuing to grow is 50%.

The nurses, healthcare professionals, and doctors that I encountered at UCSF in San Francisco were exceptional. I have never experienced such hospitality and quality of healthcare. I urge anyone that needs any major surgery to fly to San Francisco and let UCSF handle everything, especially brain sugery. San Francisco is the peak, the summit of human civilization in America. The food, community, and natural beauty is inspiring - it was very difficult to leave. The mountains and picturesque beaches were moving in such an emotional time.

I was told by my local hospital (Vanderbilt University) that radiation was my only option. Do not accept any one persons opinion of what you should do. Remember at all times that is it your body, your life, and you have complete control over what is done to your body. Radiation is the last possible solution, I was told after each surgery to do radiation, and I had a gut feeling each time to not do it. Remember at all times that a doctor will give you an opinion on what you should do or shouldnt do, an opinion.

Again, anyone reading this who has had surgery for their pituitary tumor, or if you are researching different options, I urge you to go to UCSF and let Dr. Sandeep Kunwar handle everything. I had three surgeries for this tumor and the healing process was 300% better with UCSF and they were actually capable of doing what they said they could. If anyone has any questions please feel free to private message me. I have lodging options I can give you and tips for the Bay Area.

Thank you for reading

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