Please Help in Canada

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Please Help in Canada

Post by suz222 » Thu Jun 28, 2012 8:32 pm

Hi Everyone:

My son, age 19, was incidentally diagnosed one week ago with a small, 3 cm low grade glioma in the left frontal opercular. It is hypodense, presents as an astrocytoma. He is completely symptom free.

We are currently circumnavigating the classic glioma Catch 22 - surgery or watch-and-wait. Our surgeon is the world pioneer of awake surgery with in suite MRI mapping.

Please - could everyone share their stories. His father and I are dedicated to his progression free survival. I know that cures are very rare. However, I would LOVE to hear success stories.

Our son's name is Drew. Drew is currently at McGill University studying education, a level 11 ski instructor and life guard instructor. He is working this summer at a camp teaching swimming and hopefully enjoying the spectacular Canadian version of the outback. We call it The Shield.

Thanks to all for sharing. As you know, this is a VERY scary journey

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