is there any hope?

General discussion including use and side effects of various medication/therapies, and "what do I do now?"
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is there any hope?

Post by klast » Fri Jan 24, 2014 7:47 pm

I keep hearing about the conspiracy theories about big pharma holding back cancer curesOther industry examples include stopping oxygen re-breathers in the scuba diving industry. The one inch high grass patent that Victa lawn mowers bought and put in the circular filing cabinet(rubbish bin). The hair removal creams that "cant be used or modified for mens beards","give them the razor, sell them the blades".
The world is constantly held back from new innovations by large profiteering/government controlling corporations. There hasn't been a major advancement in brain tumor treatment for 40/50 years, and 70% of those tumor breakthroughs tested successfully on mice don't end up working with humans It's a deep seated worry in the back of my mind that when my tumour has its way, there would have been a cure sitting on a shelf waiting for a "more profitable moment". ....maybe i should try cannabis oil

Ive been reading Devra Davis book The Secret History of the War on Cancer as well

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