Chemotherapy before surgery

Details of protocols in practice
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Chemotherapy before surgery

Post by kenobewan » Wed Jun 10, 2009 10:50 pm

I have become very interested in this lately. Especially since two neurosurgeons have told me recently that to provide me a prognostically significant benefit of > 90% resection they would leave me permanently and severely disabled; possibly with no speech or speech comprehension.

As this hasn't been great news, I began thinking of the alternatives. I came across a personal story of a BT patient who had chemo before surgery. I had never heard of this before. Apparently, it is more common in other types of cancer.

Chemo first would not necessarily make sense if you had a primary well defined tumour. My tumour is mainly diffuse. Diffuse tumours make sense to treat with chemo first, especially if you have chemo sensitivity like the 1p/19q LOH; as I do.

A recent study I posted confirmed that with tumours like mine, the old PCV has been shown to be more effective; not with GBMs. These tumours were anaplastic, mine is not.

So I have formulated a new plan. I have been unable to find support for metronomic PCV so far; if anyone does PLEASE let me know. However, my plan is to go on metronomic PCV. Hopefully this will clean up the diffuse areas and leave smaller solid masses to make surgery easier.

I am hoping that this approach will lead to a safe >= 90% resection so that I get the benefits with far less risk. That's the plan I have. Now if I can just find an oncologist to support this... :).

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