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Jane Symons current Protocol

Post by Ross Symons » Wed Jul 20, 2005 8:02 am

Jane's daily running sheet can be found attached to this post.

I have a system of small jars numbered 1 through 6 in which I put the medication and supplements the night before. This helps Jane, and anyone else caring for her, from getting overwhelmed by the number of tabs and when to take them.

Jane is also on CPT-11 every two weeks. The slight constipating action of thalidomide seems to have nullified the main CPT-11 side effect of diareah.

The most prominent side effect of the protocol is the dry lips, face and feet from the Roaccutane.

The current Chemotherapy Rotation for Jane is:
Two months of:
Procarbazine 100mg (50mg twice daily)
Temodal (Temodar) 100mg (100mg at 06:00)

Two months of:
CPT11 (Irinotecan) (infusion every 14 days)

Two rounds of:
CCNU (Lomustine)
Jane's Daily Running Sheet
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