Promising news about Gliomas

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Promising news about Gliomas

Post by ksplat » Wed Oct 19, 2011 8:06 am

AN Australian scientist is among an international team of researchers who say their findings about the growth of brain tumours could offer new treatment options.
The team, who report their finding in the journal Nature, identified a new mechanism that allows gliomas to survive and grow, the University of NSW said today.

The discovery gives hope for the treatment of the most common and aggressive type of brain tumour in adults and children.

Gliomas progress rapidly and patients typically die in under a year.

Clinical trials of a drug to prevent brain tumour growth could be available within a few years, the researchers said.

New South Wales researcher Associate Professor Gilles Guillemin conducted the study along with scientists from Germany, the US and Switzerland.

The scientists discovered a biochemical product called kynurenine which fosters brain tumour growth while suppressing the body's anti-tumour immune response.

An oral drug with the power to block the production of kynurenine has been developed and could be available for clinical trials within a few years, the scientists said.

UNSW conjoint Associate Professor and neurosurgeon Charlie Teo, who provided tumour samples to the researchers and funding through his charity, Cure for Life Foundation, said the UNSW researchers could be on the brink of "an enormously powerful discovery".

"The stage is set to apply this discovery to the uniformly fatal disease of brain cancer and in so doing, potentially find an effective treatment," he said.

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