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Vitamin D Wiki

Post by kenobewan » Fri Aug 13, 2010 9:27 am

Vitamin D Wiki

"This Vitamin D Wiki website draws together as much of the available up-to-date research on Vitamin D as possible in one handy, easily searchable location. It is important to distinguish hype from proof from mere associations and we try to provide that perspective. With easily editable wiki format, we encourage people to participate by adding their insights and articles to this site.

We felt an urgency in making this information available because so many studies are showing the importance of Vitamin D in human (and animal) health. There is growing recognition that conditions of modern society leading to lowered exposure to sunlight, the main natural source, are having significant impacts on incidence of many diseases, such as cancer, MS, and bone fractures. Less work and play outdoors, use of sunscreen, and air conditioning, are all contributing to Vitamin D deficiency around the world

Some populations are at particular risk: pregnant women, infants and children, the elderly, the obese, and people who live in northern latitudes.

It is easy, safe, and cheap to supplement with Vitamin D. However, it is important to recognize that Vitamin D supplementation requires balance with other nutrients, such as calcium.

Although we heartily endorse the benefits of Vitamin D, we recognize that it is not appropriate for everyone. We provide information on who should not take Vitamin D - such as those on some fixed cancer therapies - and on interactions of Vitamin D with other supplements and medications."

First impression - fantastic resource. Minor design flaws more than compensated by a wealth of information. Read and learn about the power of vitamin D.

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